Emotional Healing Conference

March 5- 9 2018


What will your next move be...

Welcome to our conference! Stay tuned to see exactly how we've made the decision to heal and live a full life of purpose and promise.   Amazing stories of hope, healing and restoration

Why An Online Conference

You can attend from the comfort of you home with no need to travel.

Savings on travel and hotel cost

No need to find childcare

You get to ask questions anonymously

Get help with areas that are sensitive

You can prioritise you without the guilt of 'oh dear I have to leave the family'

Conference Host

Glenville & Joanna is the founder of Wounds to Scars

Together they organise and facilitate the 'Courage to Heal' retreat and the Emotional Healing Conference.

They are passionate about helping individuals trapped in brokenness and cumbered by the pain of childhood trauma to experience healing.

Join 12+ Counsellors, Coaches, speakers & authors  as they share their personal stories, tips and strategies for Healing from the legacy of trauma and live a life of purpose.

Meet the speakers

Malakh Zebulun

Empowerment Speaker, Coach & Author

Shena Tubbs

Licensed Professional counsellor and Sex Addiction & Trauma Therapist

Charlotte Anurukem

Christian Life Coach

Tenaya Wade

Licensed Professional Counsellor Intern

Dr Nadine Joseph-Collins

Women's Leadership Expert & Prayer Counsellor

Pastor Arthur Branner

Dr Esmie Branner

Consultant in CBT & Emotional Intelligence

Shirley Grant 


Camelia Brown 


Jacqueline Brown

Nutritionist & Medical Missionary

Lorraine Daniel -Palmer

CEO Minds for Eternity

Nicole Loius

Domestic Violence & Children Services Specialist

Glenville Daniel

Co-founder Wounds to Scars & Health enthusiast

Joanna Daniel

Counsellor &

Founder Wounds to Scars

'I want to feel what I feel, even if it is unhappiness - Toni Morrison

Are  you living with the legacy of trauma?  Is it hindering you from experiencing a full and free life?  Join us for the 2nd Emotional Healing Conference and get help from our experts to heal from 'The Legacy of Trauma.