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Re-energise Your Soul, Gain Confidence And Be At Peace Once More

You will have the opportunity to tap into powerful tools and information that will revive your heart and mind.

Support and Community: Professionals and our community are here to support you in getting free from whatever problems you may be facing. We are one, and together we Stand!

Yes I want to be a part of this community

You know Something Needs to Change

But Is Unsure Where To Start...

Yes thank you, tired, weary, losing confidence, at your wits end. We got you!!

  • We will have webinars every fortnight
  • Dedicated question and answer sessions
  • unlimited access the wide range of workbooks and eBooks all designed to help you get the most out of your time here.
  • And there is more, you will have access to all our courses for FREE -
  • Be the first to see and take part in our telesummits and workshops
  • Be the first to hear about and register for our retreats and confrences

Sometimes its hard to know where to begin

With all the information online today, sometime it can be challenging to know where to begin or where to find the information that best suits your needs.

Join a community of people where its leader has over 10 years experience working with people around the area of emotional healing.

Benefit from years of working with hundreds of people from all walks of life

Enrolment for the Transformed Community is Now Open

Access powerful training's, ask Joanna your burning questions, join us for live workshops twice per month and become a part of a community of people who are taking hold of the opportunity to walk in freedom.


"Working with Joanna gave me freedom."

What people say who have worked with Joanna

"You are always available, that means a lot.

Each month you will get

Workshops - relevant online course bundles that you can choose from and do in your own time and at your pace.

IMPLEMENTATION - we are not going to leave you to implement the training's on your own​.  We will have dedicated question and answer sessions where either myself or another professional will answer your burning questions and help clear up any confusion you may have.

EXPERT - inside the membership program you will have access to knowledge and expertise of professionals in the field of emotional healing. you will have the opportunity to ask questions and get practical help with your pressing questions.​

LIVE WEBINARS - live online seminars that will be tailored to your needs.​


In a nutshell

  • Are you tired to walking alone

  • Looking for support but never finding any that meet your needs

  • Would you benefit from being in a community where you will be encouraged and supported

  • Have access to live training’s and events around emotional healing

You no longer have to walk along

come and join us

Membership cost only £14.99 per month that is less than 50 pence per day to have access to information, resources, love and support.  You no longer have to muddle through or just survive.  

You can thrive, live in purpose, live on purpose and be your best self everyday.


Like I said earlier, take action – don’t be like those who see what they need and ignore it. Take this step of faith and you’ll be marveled at the results and you’ll wish you came across such a life changing opportunity like this, years back.


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